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"You want to do what?"


Erik's and my journey to Gothems Cantina Y Casitas started in May 2014 on our first visit to Gotland. We fell in love with the island and wanted to have our wedding in Visby in May 2015. We hoped someday to return to Sweden to retire. It was fortuitous that Erik stumbled upon the real estate listing for Gothems Fiket...


Vanessa, a second generation Mexican American raised in Southern California, was a Lieutenant in the Navy and spent the past 7 years in the US Defense Industry in Program Management, but her real passion was for cooking and baking. For her, Mexican food has deep roots; her mother, Sandra taught her authentic mexican food from the recipes passed down from generations of the "Sepulveda" women from Mexicali. Home made tortillas, fresh salsa, and savory meats define her food with authentic and delicious Mexican flavours. 


Erik, born and raised in Sweden, served in the Swedish Army, and in foreign service in Lebanon and Yugoslavia before coming to the US. He spent the majority of his adulthood however, in the US working as the General Manager for some of the most prestigious Golf and Country Clubs; including organization's such as PGA National and American Golf Corporation. With over 20 years experience in the Food & Beverage Industry he always longed to run his own business.


We met in April 2013 and fell instantly in love. Built from our combined leadership, business experience, love of Gotland and our passion for Mexican food, Gothems Cantina Y Casitas was born!


With the overwhelming success of our Mexican Cantina in 2015 we are opening our second restaurant, Bad Wolf BBQ in Visby, March 2016. Having both lived in the American South, surrounded by the smokey and sweet flavours of American smoked BBQ we aim to bring those flavours to Gotland. With Sweden's LARGEST American Smoker, we will serve up home-smoked Ribs, Pulled Pork and Sausages marinated in our home-made BBQ rubs and secret recipe BBQ sauces, along with home-made sides such as BBQ Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Potato Salad and an American classic Mac& Cheese!


We hope you enjoy our food as much as we do and if you don't, your food is on us!


"Bienvenidos a nuestra casa"


Vanessa & Erik

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